Green Screen Problem on Samsung Galaxy S20 Devices Continues

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Green Screen Problem on Samsung Galaxy S20 Devices Continues

Galaxy S20, the flagship device released by Samsung early last year, is experiencing a serious trust issue due to the green screen issue. The company may have lost a serious audience by not accepting this mistake.

In the first months of 2020, the Samsung company launched its flagship device, the Galaxy S20, with its superior features. Thanks to the company’s update policy, the Galaxy S20 soon started receiving new updates.

Although Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series devices are important for the company, they seem to have brought some problems. The biggest issue about the device is reported to be the green screen issue. Therefore, many device users started to complain about the green screen issue.

Users were enjoying all the features of the new flagship device. However, after using the smartphone for a while, it was previously announced on many platforms that the screen started to turn green.

However, as the number of users experiencing this problem increases, Samsung Galaxy The S20 green screen problem continues to be on the agenda.

The green screen issue starts to show itself in different ways. Some say that the first sign of a problem with the screen is the appearance of green dots on the screen. The most unpleasant thing is that the green defect causes the screen to turn completely green and the image to disappear.

Green Screen Problem on Samsung Galaxy S20 Devices Continues

Others report that flickering and fluctuations appear on the screen at first and then stop working normally after a while. The screen shows a solid green image and it becomes absolutely impossible to use the device.

Resetting the Galaxy S20 smartphones to factory settings is reportedly not a solution to the screen problem experienced on the device.

It is reported that the only way out of this negative situation is to replace the screen in the service center. Samsung says the problem is not caused by itself and is user error.

He reports that the causes of failure may include falling, software malfunction, and moisture ingress. However, users believe that these are excuses and that it is a hardware-level issue due to the installation of faulty screens.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S20 smartphones at the beginning of last year, and this year, the new series, the Galaxy S21 series, was presented to users.

Earlier it became known that the owners of the flagship Galaxy S20 filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the manufacturer of deliberately selling defective smartphones. According to them, all devices in the Galaxy S20 series are equipped with defective rear camera glass that can crack and explode on its own.

In the statement of the claim, it is stated that the glass on the Galaxy S20, which protects the rear camera from mechanical damage, can spontaneously crack or even explode. Users claim that such a problem can occur even though the smartphone is in a protective case and not subject to impacts.

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