Had Gamer Issue 36 Million in Turkey

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Had Gamer Issue 36 Million in Turkey

Gathering at the “Ventures60: Game Factory”, industry veterans made evaluations about the game world.

Gathering at the “Ventures60: Game Factory”, industry veterans made evaluations about the game world.

Türk Telekom Fixed Services Marketing Director Nilay Altan said, “The number of players has reached 36 million. There are 35 million mobile, 22 million PC, 17 million console players.”

Of the game world TurkeyIts development in “Ventures60: The Game Factory” was discussed.

45 percent of the actors are women

In Altan’s presentation, Gaming in Turkey 2020 prepared by shared details of the Turkey Game Industry Report. Altan, “The world of gaming age, sex and growing all over the world because it is independent of the space. The total number of players in Turkey has reached 36 million. The players are playing simultaneously through different channels and devices. Today, 35 million mobile and 22 million PCs, 17 million consoles player “As the day goes on, the gender distribution of the players is getting more balanced. 45 percent of the players are women and 55 percent are men,” he said.

Turkey’s revenues by $ 880 million, 18th in the world in the gaming industry, the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) is Altan stated that in the first place, the words continued as follows:

“In order to interact with the new generation, it becomes important to start playing games and to create common interests. The game is now moving towards professional rather than entertainment and players follow the game world with great passion. In this direction, the important components of the game world are devices, game contents and infrastructure. It can be gathered under three headings. As Türk Telekom, we are further strengthening our strong infrastructure with our ongoing investments. “

“90 percent of the players have internet connection at home, nearly 70 percent use fiber internet. As Türk Telekom, we have a fiber infrastructure of 331 thousand kilometers today. We aim to increase this rate even more. In addition, our device portfolio and Playstore platform, which contains many games. and we increase the game experience with. “

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