Here are Radio Waves from Venus: Click, Listen!

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Here are Radio Waves from Venus: Click, Listen!

NASA has released a recording of the radio waves that the Parker Solar Probe detected as it passed near Venus.

NASA, the Parker Solar Probe Venusdetected when passing near radio released the recording of his waves.

American Space and Aviation Department NASA uploaded an incredible record about Venus, the second planet of the Solar System, on Youtube… Radio waves coming from Venus…

Parker Solar Probe that took the recording… The probe, whose mission to study the Sun, caught interesting “jerks” when it approached Venus in July 2020.

Radio waves increased as the probe approached Venus, and “peaked” as it passed through the planet’s ionosphere.


The 3 seconds of intense sound disappears as the probe moves away from Venus’s ionosphere.

While it takes time for the probe to send the radio waves in the hand to the Earth; It also took time for scientists at NASA to decipher the first signs that came 30 years after Venus.

While NASA shared the audio recording on its social media accounts, the British press compared the sounds in the recording to “the sounds made by spaceships in old science fiction movies”.


The ionosphere is the 70 to 400 kilometer part of the atmosphere that contains ions and free electrons to reflect electromagnetic waves. This part covers the entire thermosphere, mesosphere and part of the exosphere.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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