Here are the Most Expensive Planets and Asteroids

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Here are the Most Expensive Planets and Asteroids

The first thing we look at when buying a product is the price of the product. Well, have you ever thought how much does a planet cost? Here is the most expensive planet and space objects.

Diamond Planet

The Diamond Planet, which is 5 times the size of the Earth. The planet is located 4 thousand light years from Earth. The planet is thought to have formed from the remains of a dead star, from which carbon crystallized into diamond due to high pressure. According to astronomers, the value of the planet cannot be determined.

Titan Gas Seas

Natural gas reserves were recently found in the lakes of Saturn’s moon Titan.

He estimates that the larger lakes on Titan contain over 130 billion tons (6.3 quadrillion cubic feet) of natural gas independently. It is thought to be approximately 31 times more than the reserve on Earth.

Golden Asteroid

Under the surface of the 3554 Amun asteroid, a metallic asteroid, potentially worth $ 20 trillion is estimated to be worth $ 8 trillion in gold, iron and nickel, $ 6 trillion in cobalt and $ 6 trillion in platinum. Discovering the existence on March 4, 1986, the gold asteroid last tangent to Earth’s orbit in 2020.

Alcohol Cloud

In 2006, astronomers at Jodrell Bank Observatory discovered a massive methyl alcohol cloud stretching more than 400 billion kilometers in the W3 (OH) region of our galaxy.

The alcohol cloud is a star thought to have formed from other stars.

While the prospect of a huge cloud of alcohol may appeal to some, unfortunately methyl alcohol (also known as wood alcohol or wood alcohol) is toxic to humans and its primary use is for industrial applications, including chemical manufacturing processes, aerosol propellants, and manufacturing. biodiesel and gasoline additives.

Super star clusters

One of the most valuable resources on earth is energy, most of which originates in some way from the Sun.

In the universe, stars are primary generators of power, and although energy is relatively abundant in space, it is certainly valuable here on Earth.

However, the sun is a relatively small star, and some celestial bodies leave it behind in several directions. The largest known star is VY Canis Majoris, whose radius is estimated to be between 1,800 and 2,100 Sun radii.

Another star that surpasses our Sun is known as R136a1, the brightest and largest star in the known Universe. While R136a1’s luminosity is about 8.7 million times greater than our Sun, its mass is 265 times that of our Sun, and it is capable of generating many times more energy than our local star.

Alpha Centauri B

A planet orbiting in the habitable zone of Alpha Centauri B, part of the closest star system other than our Sun in the sky, is worth $ 6 billion.

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