How Is a Planet Made? News

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How Is a Planet Made?  News

International Astronomy According to the Union (not all planetary scientists), a planet is an astronomical body that has cleared its neighboring region of planetoids, orbiting a star or stellar remnant.

A star is needed for a planet to form. (Like the sun) There is no planet without stars.

Planets that are independent from each other and formless fall into each other’s centers of gravity. The famous saying “Everything is gas and a cloud of dust” comes from here. This gas condenses over time and begins to collapse. It begins to form gradually by interacting with helium and hydrogen gases, and eventually, elements such as oxygen, carbon and iron are involved.


Large concentrations absorb small concentrations. This condensation becomes a spherical shape when the rock particles pull the impact to the center.

The formation of the gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn) was different from the land planets. Dense gas layers are formed around the cores of these planets. This gas sucked itself into the core. A gas plume has occurred. The gas planet is formed by the dust and clouds coming into these gas heaps.

Of course, although we briefly describe this planet formation process, it actually takes millions of years for a planet to form.

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