How Much Is an Astronaut Salary? – News

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How Much Is an Astronaut Salary?  - News

Betül Apaydın asked in the ‘Those who are curious about space’ column, and Ali Damra BaşTANık answered for Spacemag Turkey.

Betül Apaydın asked in the ‘Those who are curious about space’ column, Ali Damra Baştanık Spacemag Turkey replied to.

How much salary do astronauts get? Do you think this fee is enough?

Ali Damra Heading: First NASA Then let me talk about Roscosmos salaries. NASA pays gradually. The beginner level called GS-11 charges $5,500-$46,000 per month, while the top tier GS-13 level 10 charges $8,500 per month. In terms of units, I find $5,500 and $8,500 to be pretty low. As a result, besides being life-threatening, there is a very difficult selection and training process. When we look at it for TL, it makes around 70 thousand TL per month for the highest level. Today, private company executives also receive these salaries.

On top of that, you go to space for months and you get the same salary. It seems extremely absurd to me when the tax uninterrupted state is like this. NASA is again a good example. Let’s look at Russia. The most senior spinning cosmonauts receive monthly income in TL 13 thousand 14 thousand. While a normal engineer can get a salary at this rate, I think it is quite low and funny wages for a cosmonaut.

America (NASA) Astronaut maps,

Tax Uninterrupted situations;

GS-11 $66,000 monthly $5,500 – $46,000

GS-12 Step 10 81,000$ 6,750$ per month – 56,000 TL

GS-13 Step 10 102.000$ monthly 8.500$ – 71.000 TL

Rusya (ROSCOSMOS) Kozmonot maas¸ları,

The salary of the cosmonaut candidate is 82 thousand 800 Rubles (8 thousand 900 liras),

Kozmonotun measure 86 bin 800 rubles (9 bin 330 TL)

Egzitmen kozmonot measure 20 bin 300 rubles (12 bin 940 TL)

The salary of a cosmonaut who went to space is 94 thousand 700 rubles (10 thousand 190 TL)


The 25-year-old Baştanık is from Ankara. The young astronomer, who graduated from Turkish Aeronautical Association University Aerospace Engineering, did an internship at TUBITAK for 2 terms. “I have been involved in many projects socially and technically by developing myself as satellite software and remote sensing in my field,” said Baştanık. says.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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