How Much Salary Do Astronauts Get?

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How Much Salary Do Astronauts Get?

From thousands of hours of experience to years of training, becoming an astronaut takes a lot. But how much do they get salary and what do they need for the job?

We all dream of going into space, but this is extremely dangerous. So how much are astronauts paid for this job?

You cannot start your career as an astronaut, you must have years of experience and knowledge before going out on Earth.

Astronauts typically begin their careers as test pilots flying in super-fast jets.

To do this, it is necessary to have three years or 1,000 hours of flight experience.

Not only that, but they also need to hold a master’s degree in science, engineering, or mathematics, and then go through a rigorous selection process.

Prospective astronauts must be able to pass a rigorous physical exam and then conduct interviews where leadership, teamwork and communication skills will be carefully evaluated.

To give an example from the United States … NASA recruited only 12 out of 18,300 applicants for the astronaut class in its 2017 recruitment round.

Salary increases as you get seniority

After going through all this training and preparation, you expect a well-paid job, and that’s exactly what you’ll get as an astronaut.

NASA pays its employees on a scale called the “Federal Government’s General Chart”.

It is divided into “classes” known as GS-12 and GS-13, and each grade has 1 to 10 “steps” to progress.

The starting salary for the GS-12 1st step is $ 66,167 per year. In other words, it is 500.183 TL … This is 41.680 TL per month.

When you reach the 10th step of the GS-12, you can earn $ 81,021 ($ 612,588) a year.

Astronauts who reach the 10th step of the GS-13 earn $ 102,288 (773,384 TL) a year.

However, the General Program regarding the budget is only a guide, although many astronauts are considered to earn much more.

A new job posting had an annual salary range of $ 104,898 to $ 161,141, as NASA is thought to have adjusted their salaries to remain competitive in the local arena. In Houston, Texas, for example, salaries are thought to be about 30 percent higher than the General Chart.

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