How to Become an Astronaut Who Can Be an Astronaut?

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How to Become an Astronaut  Who Can Be an Astronaut?

Betül Apaydın asked in the ‘Those who are curious about space’ column, and Ali Damra BaşTANık answered for Spacemag Turkey.

Betül Apaydın asked in the ‘Those who are curious about space’ column, Ali Damra Baştanık Spacemag Turkey replied to.

First of all, what is the knowledge required to become an astronaut? What experience should the candidate have?

Ali Damra Baştırık: The first preferred candidates are military-based personnel, but it is of course possible to become an astronaut as a civilian. If I talk about the desired conditions, as far as I know, a minimum of 1000 hours of flight experience is required. In addition to physical ability, of course. In terms of height, the shortest must be 160 cm and the longest must be 190 cm, blood pressure must not exceed 140/90 mmHg, visual acuity must be 20/20. As a language, advanced Russian and The English is among the choices. I know that only 10-15 people can be selected out of around 18 thousand applications. Since it is difficult to find people who are close to 100% both mentally and physically, the purchases are so restricted. Of course, this information NASA for purchase, they may vary in different countries.

I asked these questions myself at dinner the day we brought Sergei Nikolayevich Revin, a real Roscosmos cosmonaut, to the conference as a student body. Candidates who are accepted after physical interviews receive training for a certain period of time. I know that ESA has a 40 month training plan. The content of this training is physics, mathematics, orbital mechanics, spacecraft, newsIt covers topics in science, astronomy, geology, and more. As an aerospace engineer, I take courses on these subjects. For example, space environment, spacecraft newsfusion, electro-optics, orbital mechanics are some of our main courses.

You named Sergei Nikolayevich Revin. Can you talk about your experience there?

Ali Damra Head: Of course. Sergei Revin; One of the Russian cosmonauts, which we can call Russia’s NASA. We are a 55-year-old astronaut who spent 125 days in space. We invited him to our school three years ago through the Russian Embassy.

After a 2-hour conference, we had dinner with him and asked our individual questions. He expressed that being in space is really great and that he wants to go again and again. At the same time, he mentioned that the trainings are really difficult because you have to have a great command of every subject. Of course, being able to chat with him at the same table is a separate honor for me.


The 25-year-old Baştanık is from Ankara. The young astronomer, who graduated from the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, Aerospace Engineering, did an internship at TUBITAK for 2 terms. “I have been involved in many projects socially and technically by developing myself as satellite software and remote sensing in my field,” said Baştanık. says.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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