Huawei Maintains Leadership in Global 5G Patent Ranking

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Huawei Maintains Leadership in Global 5G Patent Ranking

A famous patent data company IPLytics published a report on the question titled “Who Is Leading The 5G Patent Race?

Continuing the leadership in 5G patents, Huawei continues to maintain its success in the past years and maintains the leadership in this field. The report covers the work done for 22 technology companies. Among them, Huawei ranked first with 15.39%, while Qualcomm ranked second with 11.24%. Another Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, ranks third with 9.81%. Samsung and Nokia ranked fourth and fifth with 9.67% and 9.01%, respectively. This ranking is a report prepared in line with 5G Patent Standard Principles (SEP) data.

Huawei Maintains Leadership in Global 5G Patent Ranking

According to the data published on the DFMÖ patent application, it was reported that China maintained the leadership with 68 thousand patent applications and the USA ranked second with 60 thousand applications. However, the patent granting process is a very rigorous process and the list can be updated when new patents are registered. The patents application process covers the time when the patent was actually granted. For this reason, the rankings compiled by IPlytics are the result of the serious work of companies in the field of R&D.

Huawei also ranks first in the global ranking with the most 5G applications. In the midst of a wide area with strong competitors from the USA, Europe and South Korea, the performance of Chinese technology companies seems to be a breath of fresh air for Chinese companies with the decline due to the closure of the USA due to the coronavirus.

For 5G key patents, Huawei ranked first with 15.4% and Samsung ranked second with 13.3%. Qualcomm follows closely with 13.2% in third place, while LG is in fourth place with 8.7%. ZTE ranks fifth with 5.6% of total patents.

American companies catch up with Chinese companies

As of May 2019, Huawei’s 5G core patent applications covered more numbers than all American companies combined. At the time, Huawei vice president Lu Yong said Huawei had more than 16,000 5G standard patents ranked first in the world, with a 20% share. All companies in the United States hold less than 15% of 5G core patents. “China believes we have the largest 4G network in the world, and there is every reason to believe that China will also have the world’s largest 5G network.” Lu Yong believed that with such a large market space and cyberspace, 5G could realize the digitization of thousands of industries in China.

However, statistics are changing negatively for Huawei every day. While American companies continue to advance in patents and technology, Huawei and other banned companies continue to decline. What the future will show is unknown, but Huawei’s leadership may decline in many areas.

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