Huawei P50 Series Will Have 66W Fast Charging Technology!

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Huawei P50 Series Will Have 66W Fast Charging Technology!

Huawei P50 series devices will take their place on the market with the launch on July 29. It has emerged with the 3C certification that the device, which will come in three series, will have 66W fast charging technology.

Huawei is not giving up on its flagship device series. The company plans to launch its P50 series devices on July 29.

The series will come in three models; Huawei P50 will be Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro+. Of course, this device will get its share from the US embargo.

Unfortunately, all models will only support 4G connectivity. Due to US bans, the Chinese tech giant’s only QualcommIt is allowed to use the 4G processor. That’s why there have been various rumors lately that the US processor manufacturer is working on a 4G-capable variant of the current flagship Snapdragon 888. Huawei will most likely try to bring its P50 device to the fore in countries where the 4G market is active.

Different Certificates of Huawei P50 Series Revealed

As the launch date approaches, many rumors about the Huawei P50 series continue to emerge.

Recently, a mysterious model with the number Huawei JAD-AL50 appeared on the website of the Chinese 3C Certification authority. and when it was spotted there everyone thought it could be the Huawei P50.

Prior to this, the JAD-AL50 was leaked to the TENAA website. At the time, it was also known that the phone behind this model number would run on HarmonyOS. Another reason why we think the JAD-AL50 is the Huawei P50 is that it will officially ship the P50 series with the HarmonyOS operating system.

Although Huawei cannot use many US technologies banned by the US government, it is also said to have a 5G variant of the Huawei P50 series. Huawei P50 Pro or Huawei P50 Pro+ will reportedly use the Kirin 9000 chip.

However, the 5G version will come with Kirin processor technology, not Qualcomm processor. So at least one Huawei P50 device will support 5G.

Huawei P50 Features

As for other features, the Huawei P50 will adopt a design very similar to that of the Honor 50. Especially phones in this series will have a large dual circular camera setup. The lower circle will likely house a periscope telephoto camera. The top will carry three cameras. Although nothing definite is known at this time, newsAccording to one of them will be a 1-inch Sony IMX800 CMOS. However, this will only come to the P50 Pro and P50 Pro+.

Finally, the 3C certification website shows 66W fast charging. Therefore, the Huawei P50 we mentioned above will support 66W charging.

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