Huawei Prepares to Launch 135W Fast Charger

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Huawei Prepares to Launch 135W Fast Charger

Huawei is taking the competition to the next level in fast charging technology. The company will launch a new 135W fast charger to be used in common with smartphones and laptops.

Fast charging technology is developing and renewing itself day by day. Especially big technology companies compete fiercely in the field of fast charging technology.

Recently Xiaomi, exhibited its new technology that can reach 200W input charging power. Xiaomi has announced that it will launch this technology in the near future.

Xiaomi used 120W fast charging technology in the Mi 11 Pro series. Chinese Huawei In order not to stay away from this situation, it has stepped up its hand to launch the 135W fast charger. Huawei showcased the 135W fast charging head, which is compatible with both laptops and smartphones.

Chinese social media platform Weibo blogger announced that Huawei will launch a 135W high-power charger that uses the mainstream USB-C interface and supports super-fast charging of Huawei laptops and Huawei smartphones.

Huawei Prepares to Launch 135W Fast Charger

The model of the fast charger is stated to be HW-200A00P00 and it supports fast charging up to 20V/6.75A. It has been stated that Huawei has developed the 135W fast charging adapter specifically for laptops.

Also new charger; It is compatible with multiple protocols such as PD, DCP, QC2.0, QC4, FCP, SCP and others, and is compatible with most digital products on the market. Huawei’s 135W fast charging adapter has a full-bodied white design, a split pin structure, and no integrated cable. We can also see that “HUAWEI SuperCharge” is written on the side. That being said, it’s mainly made for laptops. But it is also compatible with smartphones. This will also mark the laptop and smartphone icons.

Developments About Huawei’s Fast Charging Technology

Currently, Huawei smartphones support fast charging up to 66W (11V/6A). Thus, if Huawei smartphone owners use this charger, they will only benefit from half the power of the device.

Also, it is a great advantage that the fast charger is compatible with many products. Users can charge both their computer and smartphone with a single charger while traveling.

It has been announced that the adapter part of the fast charger that Huawei will launch has FCC certification. So there is every reason to think that the launch date is very close. However, since there is no official information about the release date, all we have is conjecture. In this sense, the upcoming Huawei P50 series models may be the first smartphone series to receive the 135W fast charger.

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