Huawei produces digital solutions for a sustainable future

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Huawei sürdürülebilir bir gelecek için dijital çözümler üretiyor

“Huawei has served more than 200 renewable energy companies worldwide by the end of 2020, which is equivalent to planting 240 million trees,” said Phillip Gan, Huawei Central/Eastern Europe and Scandinavia Regional President. said.

Huawei Central/Eastern Europe and İskandinavya “Huawei will have more than 200 renewables worldwide by the end of 2020,” said Phillip Gan, Regional President. energy He served his company, which is equivalent to planting 240 million trees.”

According to the company’s statement, Huawei held the “Green energy: Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Future” event online as part of the European Union Green Week events. In his speech in the program, Huawei Central/Eastern Europe and Scandinavia Regional President Phillip Gan emphasized Huawei’s commitment to provide technology for a better planet. Stating that digital technologies such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things accelerate digital transformation in all industries and societies are rapidly adapting to the digital age, Gan said, “We can say that we are now on the threshold of Industry 4.0. The digital world of the future will need electrical energy more than ever. “The energy sector is also undergoing a transformation with digital technologies. In this long marathon, energy demands will increase in parallel with economic growth and population growth. We should ask ourselves how we can use new technologies for energy efficiency, how we can reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon neutrality.” used the phrases.

“The energy sector should embrace digital transformation while supporting the smart world”

Underlining that the energy sector also needs smart transformation, Phillip Gan said, “The important thing here is to ensure that digital solutions fully support all industries, including the energy sector. Energy is the foundation of digital infrastructure. We must accelerate our transition to clean and low-carbon energy. Within the scope of this mission, ‘reducing carbon emissions’, ‘promoting renewable energy’, ‘circular economy “We are making investments to protect nature with technology” and “to protect nature with technology”.

We support companies in energy saving

Noting that Huawei focuses on integrating digital technologies into the energy field, Gan said:

“We manage watts in bits so that solar cell stations can produce more energy, electric vehicles can reach more kilometers per watt, wireless base stations can carry more bits per watt, and data centers can support more computing power per watt. has served more than 200 renewable energy companies worldwide, which is equivalent to planting 240 million trees.We have helped companies generate more than 300 billion kWh of renewable energy, which has reduced carbon emissions by 180 million tons. Companies with Huawei’s data centers and base station energy solutions It has saved more than 9 billion kWh of energy. This saving, which reduced carbon emissions by 5.6 million tons, is equivalent to 7.7 million tree planting actions.”

Source: Anadolu Agency / Abdulkadir Günyol

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