Huawei Seeks to Negotiate with the US to Alleviate the Ban

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Huawei, Avrupa Pazarında İlk Monitörünü Satmaya Hazırlanıyor

Huawei, President of the USA Joe Biden It was reported that he wanted to negotiate with the management about the current trade ban. The company wants to negotiate separately from Beijing to lift the ban on the supply of American parts.

NikkeiAsia’s last newsaccording to The reason for the negotiations will also be the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, the financial director of the Chinese tech giant. Tim Danks, Vice President of Huawei for risk management and business partner relations, said he “does not want to be involved in the tension between the US administration and the Chinese government.”

Last year, the Trump administration put the Chinese brand on an export blacklist called the Asset List over security claims. This made it impossible for Huawei to purchase critical components from companies in the US. Huawei is currently hoping to obtain a “tweak and temporary license” that will allow US companies to continue selling to the Chinese brand. Tim Danks; “In the event of flexibility, Huawei’s US sales will not be a priority. The company’s priority is to rebuild the supply chain,” he said.

However, according to Gina Raimondo, candidate for Biden’s Trade Minister; “To protect America and its allies from China’s intervention or behind-the-scenes events, whether Huawei or any other company, they declared that they would not refrain from doing what was necessary.

Therefore, even if negotiations are held with Huawei, it remains unclear what position the new administration will take.

Huawei: We Have Over One Billion Smartphones Worldwide

Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei recently spoke at the GTS Cloud and Device Cloud Collaboration and Integration Progress conference. During his speech, he stated that Huawei has a wide range of devices and explained that the number of active smartphones has already exceeded one billion.

Huawei founder also in the next stage; They plan to create the safest and most reliable cloud ecosystem for the latest devices within 2-3 years. Also, Ren Zhengfei said that the Huawei ecosystem should have a completely open architecture for all apps and developers.

Huawei notified its suppliers that orders for smartphone parts will drop by more than 60% in 2021. According to official figures, Huawei will ship 70 to 80 million smartphones this year, out of 189 million last year.

The company will introduce its flagship foldable smartphone Huawei Mate X2 on February 22; and Huawei P50 is expected to be announced in March.

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