Huawei Will Present Driverless Electric Vehicle Technology in 2025!

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Huawei Will Present Driverless Electric Vehicle Technology in 2025!

The Chinese tech giant is restricted in many areas due to US bans. Huawei plans to overcome these restrictions by producing electric cars, which is a different field. The company wants to launch the self-driving electric vehicle in 2025.

Electric car production has been increasing rapidly in the recent period and global companies are accelerating their investments to get their share in this field.

Recently, Chinese Xiaomi and US Apple brands have started working to produce their own electric vehicles. In addition, search giant Baidu is developing related technologies in collaboration with automakers.

In this competition, Huawei announced his participation. As a result of its R&D studies, Huawei will launch an electric vehicle of its own production until 2025.

Huawei Will Present Driverless Electric Vehicle Technology in 2025!

At the same time, one of the company officials underlined that the electric car that Huawei will launch in 2025 will also be driverless thanks to its autopilot feature.

Wang Jun, head of smart cars at Huawei Technologies, said in a statement that “our team’s goal is to ensure the emergence of fully autonomous passenger cars by 2025,” confirming previous statements.

Huawei collaborates with Chinese automakers to develop onboard multimedia systems and software areas. The promising automotive electronics market will allow Huawei to offset losses in the smartphone market due to US sanctions.

Joe Biden Bans 59 Chinese Companies, Including Huawei, From Investing in the US

US President Joe Biden signed a decree extending the ban on US companies and citizens from investing in Chinese companies. The new document includes a list of 59 companies associated with the Chinese military, intelligence or government, according to the US government. This list includes Huawei and the three largest Chinese telecommunications companies. The ban will come into effect on August 2. From now on, US investors will have a year to get rid of Chinese stocks.

Most of the companies on Biden’s list were previously on the Trump administration’s sanctions list. These include telecommunications companies China Mobile Communications, China Unicom and China Telecommunications. The list also includes defense and aerospace companies Aviation Industry Corp. Of China includes China North Industries Group and others. Well-known video surveillance equipment manufacturer Hikvision is also on the sanctions list.

The bans on Chinese companies have emerged with the latest decisions that will continue under the Biden administration. The electric car Huawei wants to produce will most likely not find a large buyer base outside of mainland China. However, if the US bans are over, Huawei can make a big breakthrough in both the smartphone space and the electric car space.

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