Human brain wirelessly connected to computer

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Human brain wirelessly connected to computer

US researchers wirelessly connected the human brain to a tablet computer for the first time. Taking a historic step, researchers will set a major turning point for people with paralysis.

Brown University researchers in America broke new ground in history. Within the scope of the exciting research, scientists have succeeded in connecting the human brain to a computer wirelessly. This step, which was seen as a turning point for paralyzed people, was described by the researchers as “with single neuron resolution and full broadband precision”.

Human brain wirelessly connected to computer


Located on the Independent newsParalyzed people participating in the trial used a tablet computer using the system, according to the scientific journal IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Participants were able to achieve typing speeds and point-click accuracy similar to wired systems.


On the other hand, John Simeral, a doctoral professor at Brown University, said: “We have shown that this wireless system is functionally equivalent to wired systems, which are considered the gold standard. Signals are recorded and transmitted with similar precision, which means that the decoding algorithms we use in wired equipment are The only difference is that people no longer need to be physically attached to our equipment, which opens up new possibilities for how the system can be used.

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