Humanity Will Send Three Space Probes to Venus

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Humanity Will Send Three Space Probes to Venus

Venus is on the agenda of humanity again after many years… When the studies of human beings on the Moon and Mars for a while bore fruit, Venus came to the agenda of humanity again.

Venus years later, it is on the agenda of humanity again…

Mankind has been around the Moon and MarsVenus came to the agenda of humanity once again, when the work she carried out in Turkey bore fruit.

three to venus space the probe will go…

When we say not one but two probes to the planet; third space probe newsI came.

American Space and Aviation Administration NASAsending a probe to Venus newsAfter the landing, an announcement came from the European Space Agency ESA.

Venus, the second planet closest to the Sun, is a fireball today.

The purpose of sending ESA’s EnVision probe is to understand why and how Venus and Earth evolved so differently.


While NASA plans to launch two separate probes, Veritas and Davinci+, near 2030; ESA has announced that they hope to launch EnVision in the early 2030s.

“With NASA-led Venus missions, we will have a very comprehensive science program on this enigmatic planet in the next decade,” said Günther Hasinger, ESA’s science director.

EnVision’s job is to do high resolution radar mapping and atmospheric studies. Thus, we will be able to understand both the history of Venus and the connections between the atmosphere and the geological processes of the planet.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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