Humankind first flew a helicopter on another planet!

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Humankind first flew a helicopter on another planet!

The US Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) successfully flew the mini helicopter Ingenuity, which it sent to Mars with the reconnaissance vehicle Perseverance.

USA Aviation and Space Agency (NASA), with the scout Perseverance MarsThe mini helicopter he sent to Turkey successfully flew Ingenuity.

According to the information shared by NASA on its Twitter account, the remote flight of the mini helicopter Ingenuity, which landed on the Red Planet in February with the Perseverance (Azim) reconnaissance vehicle, was provided.

Flying for about 1 minute, Ingenuity made history as “the first aircraft to be flown on another planet”.

While the images of Ingenuity’s flight are transmitted to the world via satellite; successful flight of the helicopter was celebrated at NASA.


NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Project Manager, Mimi Aung, said, “We can now say that human beings are flying an aircraft from another planet.”

Built in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and powered by plutonium fuel, Perseverance is known for having the most advanced technological features among the vehicles sent to Mars.

The space agency announced that $ 2.4 billion was spent on infrastructure works for the realization of the new mission on the Red Planet, and $ 300 million was spent for the system that enabled the vehicle to land and operate.

Perseverance made his first drive on Mars on March 6.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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