In 20 Years, We Start Settling on Mars “

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In 20 Years, We Start Settling on Mars "

The geologist Áine O’Brien from the University of Glasgow attended a program at the BBC Scotland, making statements about the Red Planet Mars.

University of Glasgow geologist Áine O’Brien, BBC ScotlandParticipated in a program on the Red Planet MarsHe made statements about.

“When will man colonize on Mars?” O’Brien said “in 20 to 30 years” to his question:

“I think it is possible to go to Mars. It won’t be very soon. I hope we will go in 20, 30 years.”


“The reason is: we haven’t completed the robotics work on the Red Planet yet.”

“Until human beings move to Mars, it will be necessary to work a little more.”

“We can find ways to live without polluting Mars.”

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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