Intel to Build Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in Europe!

Intel to Build Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in Europe!

Wishing to turn the recent chip crisis into an opportunity, Intel announced that it will establish a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Europe. In this way, the company will be able to compete with its rivals!

The chip crisis in the world makes many companies think. Who wants to turn this situation into an opportunity Intel He decided to take a new step.

Intel’in CEO‘Pat Gelsinger reported that the company allocated 8 billion euros ($ 9.7 billion) to the construction of a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Europe. Of course, this semiconductor facility will work to produce advanced chips. Gelsinger said in an interview, “Our request from the governments of America and Europe is that we can produce chips outside of Asia and make the market more competitive. factory A spokesperson from Intel also confirmed that the company will need massive subsidies to build facilities. Gelsinger will also meet with European Union Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton in Brussels to discuss the semiconductor strategy.

Last month, Gelsinger announced Intel’s IDM2.0 strategy, which plans to spend up to $ 20 billion to build two factories in Arizona. The company will open its manufacturing processes to external customers to regain its leading position in the chip manufacturing industry.

Intel to Build Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility in Europe!

In the field of semiconductor chips, Intel has dominated the industry for decades. However, due to the constant delay of its research and development in recent years, it has gradually lost its advantages in the field of chip production.

Intel’s latency is so strong that it relies on TSMC to produce some of its advanced chips. However, the company will soon Applebelieves that it will produce a better chip than. Gelsinger told Intel employees that Intel should provide products to the PC ecosystem that are better than those produced by Apple. Of course, the meeting didn’t mention Apple explicitly, but referred to the Apple company as “lifestyle in Cupertino”.

Intel New Processors to Compete with Ryzen 5000H

According to the latest reports, Intel is working on new processors (Tiger Lake-H45 processors) that will be released this year. These processors will have up to eight cores and will be a direct competitor to the Ryzen 5000H.

A few days ago Intel was showing the performance of the new processor. This chip is an eight-core flagship processor and can run at up to 5 GHz. Given the available data, we’re probably talking about the Core i9-11980H model. That this chip will have 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes, Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4. the news there are also.

Coming to the launch date, the new Tiger Lakes will hit the market in the second quarter of this year.

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