iOS 14.5: Five things you need to know about Apple’s new update

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iOS 14.5: Five things you need to know about Apple's new update

Apple announced the iOS 14.5 software update for iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple announced the iOS 14.5 software update for iPhone and iPad devices.

One of the newest features is App Tracking Transparency, which users can choose if they don’t want their data to be tracked by other apps.

The five highlights of the new update are as follows:

being able to turn on iPhone with a mask

With Apple’s new operating system, you will be able to unlock your phone while wearing a mask.

However for this one Apple Watch You must have the device.

According to Apple’s statement, if the Apple Watch is on your wrist, unlocked and close to your phone, you will be able to unlock the iPhone.

However, this feature will not work if you do not have an Apple Watch device.

Application Tracking Transparency

This new update will appear when you install an application that requests to track your online activities.

This data is generally used by apps to show you ads based on your behavior.

Facebook is one of the companies that do this.

Facebook did a serious lobbying against this update.

On the other hand, it was also questioned what exactly Apple’s intention was with this update. If application developers do not make money by putting ads in front of you, they will have to ask for more money for their service.

This can enable Apple to get a share of these payments.

New emojis

Apple is also releasing a few new emojis with the latest operating system update.

For example, there will be emojis where couples of different skin colors kiss or with hearts between couples.

Apart from that, there will be new emojis for different moods.


Siri, the smart assistant working with voice, will diversify.

After that, users will be able to choose how Siri’s voice should be.

There will be more options, especially in English.

On the other hand, Apple is criticized for not opposing policies against Uighurs in China, where its devices are produced, while placing emphasis on diversity and inclusion.


Apple’s new operating system can also be used with AirTag, which it has just released to the market.

AirTag is a small tracking device that you can attach to your key or wallet.

If you lose the object it is attached to, you can find the object on which the AirTag is located thanks to the Find My application.

However, Apple was criticized in the Senate last week for copying the idea of ​​Tile, a similar app and device.

Kirsten Daru, Tile company’s chief attorney, argued that they were open to competition, but that it had to be fair and that Apple’s method was not fair.

Daru also criticized Apple for preventing Tile from using its technology for the Find My app, thus arguing that AirTag was given an unfair advantage.

Apple, on the other hand, claimed that their products were different and stated that they did not imitate Tile’s product.


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