Is Turkey’s Datca Aerospace Center will be?

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Is Turkey's Datca Aerospace Center will be?

Datça, the gateway to space … Greetings!

Datça, the gateway to space …


Today, I will share with you an article that has not even been on the agenda before. This topic is so unusual that you won’t be able to hide your astonishment while reading it. Now, grab your tea or coffee, sit back and don’t forget to buckle up.

Before starting my sentences under the title of Datça, I would like to say that famous historian Strabon said about Datça.

“God sends his beloved servant to the Datça Peninsula to have a long life.”

Let’s take a tour of Datça with you.

Located in the Aegean Region, Datça is the place that enchants people with its natural beauties, atmosphere and structure and makes you feel the oxygen you breathe in your lungs. Having witnessed civilizations (Byzantine, Turkish), Datça continues to be one of the important stops in our country with its tourism potential. In Datça, which has a Mediterranean climate, summers are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. 295-305 days of the year are sunny. In short, Datça is one of the rare tourism regions of our country.

A larger scale map of Datça is shown in the figure.

In short, this is the information we can give about Datça. However, we will remember Datça, which has natural beauties, not with tourism but with rockets.

How Does? Let’s start with rocket launchers first.

Rocket Launching Ramps

We need a vehicle to transport any object, cargo, people into space. We call this vehicle “Rocket”. In the following years, with the development of technology, new vehicles can be added to these vehicles and we do not have to use only rockets. However, at the moment, the most effective vehicles used to go into space are rockets.

Although rocket science is very old, the years of implementation are very close. For example, Nazi Germany’s V2 rockets are examples. Wherever you look, although these rockets, which were built ninety years ago, were used purely for war purposes, today similar technology is used to go into space.

So, can these gigantic vehicles used to go into space be launched from a desired point? No. A launch complex has been established for launching such gigantic vehicles. Containing at least as much technology as rocket, these complexes serve as a gateway to space. It provides support to the rocket to be launched with the fuel storage areas it contains, the centers where technical measurements are made and other auxiliary tools. We can say indispensable.

Roughly speaking, rocket launchers are areas where rockets are positioned vertically. Before launching, mechanical and electronic controls are constantly carried out. Because these machines, which are very difficult to design, manufacture and operate, do not accept errors.

The rocket launch complexes found on Earth are shown in the figure.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, located in Florida state of the United States, is used for unmanned space flights.

There are places known as Launch Complex 39 connected to the Kennedy Space Center. The Launch Complex consists of three launch pads known as 39, 39A, 39B, and 39C. It is still used today.

The Launch Complex is shown in 39 figures.

Cape Canaveral

Located in the Florida state of the United States, Cape Canaveral is part of the Kennedy Space Center. Unlike the Kennedy Space Center, manned flights are made from here.

The Falcon 9 rocket carrying Türksat 5A was launched from Cape Canaveral Space Base.


Baikonur Space Base is a space base established by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). After the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, it remained within the borders of Kazakhstan. It is still actively used today. All manned spacecraft, lunar and planetary probes were launched from this base.

The Soyuz Spacecraft, waiting to be launched at the Baikonur Space Base, is shown in the figure.

Interestingly, the Baikonur Space Base is not located in Baikonur. It was established 300 kilometers from Baikonur. Soviet Union officials tried to rule out espionage activities by naming the launch complex this name.

Center Spatial Guyanais

The Guyana Space Center, used by the European Space Agency, is located in South America. Yes, you did not hear it wrong, in South America. It is a small country neighboring Brazil and Suriname, facing the Atlantic Ocean. We can call it an overseas province. It officially belongs to France. It is also recognized as the territory of the European Union. Türksat 3A was launched from this point.

Ariane 5 rocket is launched at the Guyana Space Center. It is developed by the European Space Agency.

You have seen the most important launch complexes known as the doors opening from Earth to space. Of course, other countries also have launch complexes. For example, India’s Sriharikota and Japan’s Tanegashima are examples.

Equator Line

While you were reading, I had the opportunity to try the coffee I ordered online. I am grateful to him for giving me a slightly different taste but softness and keeping me from falling asleep. While drinking the coffee, I thought it was necessary to share a little information about the Equator Line. You are probably trying to reconcile the rocket launch pad with the Equator Line. Actually, you are doing the right thing. Because the Equator Line has a direct relationship with the rocket launch pad. Before explaining this relationship, I would like to give some information about the Equator Line.

The Equator Line is an imaginary line created to separate the northern and southern hemispheres. To be exact, when you connect points that are equidistant from the north and south polar circles, you get the Equator Line. The length of the Equator is forty thousand kilometers.

Now, I want to make an interesting point. This is the last chapter I will say, “Datça Space and Aviation I want you to keep in mind until the “center” section.

The point I want to make is where the linear velocity of the Earth is the fastest on the Equator Line. It is also where gravity is least.

I have previously shown you launch pads found on Earth. Can you see the Equator Line? The dashed red line is the Equator Line. Now, have you seen where the spacecraft launch pads of nations are near? They are set up close to the Equator Line. For example, the locations of Cape Canaveral in the United States, Kennedy Space Center or Satish Dhawan Space Center in India are all close to the Equator Line.

Earth revolves around the Sun and around itself. Rotation speed on the Equator Line is approximately 1670 km / h. This speed is slower in the European Continent, and slowest in the polar circles. If you launch a rocket from the south or north polar circle, you will spend a lot of fuel to escape gravity. It is obvious that big differences will emerge when the design, production and launch costs are taken into consideration. Also, the low gravity will contribute to the rocket’s reach into space.

However, if you are going to send a satellite that you want to serve in the polar circle, you will of course have to launch it from near the poles. For example, Plesetsk Space Base can be used for these purposes.

Datça Space and Aviation Center

I read it in an article. It was an article that the Black Sea coast can be used as a rocket launch pad. It may be, but it is not preferable because the Black Sea coasts have a mountainous area and are far from the Equator Line. However, if the satellite is to be sent for the arctic circle, it can be used to save fuel consumption. Datça, which is one of the most beautiful places in our country, extends the life of people with its deep blue shores, natural beauty and atmosphere, has such a potential.

Yes. You did not hear wrong. Datça Space and Aviation Center can be established and operated. I think the name Datça Space and Aviation Center will suit.

Why Datça? Because, Datca, Turkey is one of the closest place to the map on the Equator Line. It minimizes the risk of accidents that may occur due to low population. It can also be preferred due to its proximity to Izmir Hinterland. If it is to be established by the state, it can contribute greatly to the economy. It increases the employment rate and, perhaps most importantly, Datça Space and Aviation Center can rival countries that want to monopolize space studies. I think the private sector should be supported in this regard. I think the private sector can compete with other companies.

I had such an initiative during my university years. My biggest dream is to be made to reach the moon with a rocket from a location in Turkey, and to go to other planets, the moon was to turn the station.

Maybe one day I will make this dream come true.

Maybe one day we will go to the Moon.

Who knows?

Maybe “God sends someone to launch a rocket to Datça!”


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