Istanbul Has Been Selected The 40th Sports City Of The World

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Istanbul Has Been Selected The 40th Sports City Of The World

BCW, one of the global communication agencies, ‘2021 Sport Ranking of Cities’ has been announced. İstanbulWhile it was ranked 44th in 2020, it rose to 40th place in the list published this year.

COVID-19; It caused many professional sports events to be paused, canceled or restructured in balloons in 2020. Meanwhile, it ranks first in the BCW Sports City Rankings, which is published annually and lists the cities most associated with sports. New Yorkhas happened. Respectively. London and The Angels is following. While Istanbul ranks 37th in 2019, it fell to 44th in 2020. This year, it is on the rise again, ranking 40th.


Each year, the three lowest cities in the ranking are removed from the list, and cities that are not included in the list but selected by the respondents are added. Cities added to the 2021 ranking are Birmingham, Jeddah and Abu Dhabi. This shows that the Bay Area has increased its role in the international sporting events market.

BCW Sports Managing Director Lars Haue-Pedersen said after the investigation:

“It’s more interesting than ever to study the extent to which cities are associated with sports in a year when sports events are postponed, rescheduled, or changes made. Events became uncertain, tourism stagnated, and cities no longer take advantage of hosting international events. When it comes to sports, cities now have to make different strategic choices. ”

“This year’s results confirm the trends we have observed for some time, especially in sports and cities. Cities closely related to sports are either hosting major international sports events or hosting famous professional sports teams promoting the city’s name every week, as in New York. “It has a strong side that interacts and mobilizes. Through an integrated, crowd-centered approach, sporting events and professional teams can become excellent tools to promote a city internationally and create economic impact.”

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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