It is aimed to popularize “Speaking Classes” in Trabzon

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Trabzon Provincial Directorate of National Education wants to popularize the “Speaking Classes Project”, which is prepared to introduce classes and schools.

Trabzon Provincial Directorate of National Education wants to popularize the “Speaking Classes Project”, which is prepared to introduce classes and schools.

Trabzon Naci Orhan, operating under the Directorate Computer In the Science and Design Skills Center, various studies are carried out in order to provide a more efficient learning environment by presenting concrete examples in the learning process.

Young people at the center, where students who won the first place in the Flying Car Design Competition at the TEKNOFEST-2019 Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, with the “Havali Bilyali” team, have prepared a project called “Speaking Classes”, where you can get information about the status of the school and classrooms with the help of mobile phones.

QR codes were placed at the entrance of the Naci Orhan Computer Science and Design Skills Center, which was selected as a pilot within the scope of the project, and the workshops within.

Thanks to the data matrix read by mobile phones, information such as the address of the building, the unit to which it is connected, the number of classes and the school’s success status, the number of students in the classes, the teacher, equipment status and room temperature can be easily accessed from the website.

Provincial Director of National Education Hızır Aktaş told Anadolu Agency (AA) that various projects have been developed in order to make life easier by making use of technology in the center, which operates in order to provide skills-based training to children in addition to academic studies and social trainings in Trabzon.

Emphasizing that the center is one of Trabzon’s honorable institutions, Aktaş said, “Approximately 150 of our students receive education under the guidance of computer teachers. Apart from formal education activities, they receive training in computer coding and design. We achieve very good results. Serious results in national and international competitions. We have achieved. Turkey took first place in the competition TEKNOFEST our children. ” said.

Stating that the “Speaking Classes Project” prepared by the students at the center was designed to introduce the classes and schools, Aktaş said, “What is the situation in our classroom, who is there, what kind of class or school? An application where you can find the answer to them. He gives you information about the subject you are curious about. In today’s world, you can learn the issues that are curious about the appointment of teachers and employees in education and student records with the data matrix system. he spoke.

“It provides serious facilities”

Stating that the project was implemented for the first time in Trabzon, Aktaş continued as follows:

“To our knowledge in Turkey first. Yet we have only just begun, we announce we have. We want to promote it in all our schools. The result offers significant ease with dignity. The person without the need for another person to come himself to find the information they want the application to get information provides the convenience and ease. Now that it facilitates our business There is no escape, we will try to apply it in all our schools and institutions. “

Emphasizing that they strive to use technology in the best possible way as an institution, Aktaş said, “As Trabzon Directorate of National Education, we do not use names and signature circulars anymore. We follow the QR code application. Therefore, this provides a convenience such as making our life easier and getting rid of other stationery works.” used the expression.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Gazi Nogay

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