It was discovered that the microscopic creature in the frozen soil layer survived for 24 thousand years.

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Donmuş toprak tabakasında bulunan mikroskobik canlının 24 bin yıl hayatta kaldığı keşfedildi

Russian scientists discovered that a microscopic multicellular creature survived for 24 thousand years in the frozen soil layer in the Siberian region.

Russian scientists, Siberia He discovered that a microscopic multicellular creature survived for 24,000 years in the frozen soil layer in the region.

Researchers at the Pushchino Scientific Research Center in Russia found that a microscopic creature called “Bdelloid rotifer” was found in the frozen soil sample they collected during their studies in the Siberian region.

Examining the frozen multicellular organism in the sample obtained by drilling, the researchers determined that the life functions of the creature continued.

The scientists, who subjected the organism to advanced radio-carbon tests to determine its age, realized that the living thing was 24 thousand years old.

Stas Malavin, one of the research team, stated that the study is very strong evidence that multicellular animals can live in cryptobiosis for tens of thousands of years.

Scientists had previously detected some simple worms and plant species in frozen soil samples and reported that they could survive in the frozen state.

It is known that some simple organisms manage to survive in a state of cryptobiosis, which means bringing their metabolisms to a near halt in environments where vital activities such as extreme heat, extreme cold or toxic environments are difficult to sustain.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Barış Kahraman

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