Jezero Criterion on Mars Got Its Name From Bosniak Village

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Jezero Criterion on Mars Got Its Name From Bosniak Village

Jezero … The most technologically equipped of human beings. space device Perseverance (Azim) on February 18 Mars‘a indi…

To a predetermined location on Mars … to Jezero Crater …

Investigations in Jezero, an ancient crater lake, which was once covered with water, will answer the question: “Was there life on Mars?”

Mars, which is uninhabitable today due to climate and radiation, may be our second home in the coming years. The decision for this will be taken after the researches in Jezero.

Jezero, from the researches in the “Lake” … Yes, Jezero means “Lake” in Slavic languages.

The word jezero is pronounced “yeh-zeh-ro” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.


In fact, Jezero is the name of a small Balkan village of 1100 people. Well, what’s the deal? Why was a Balkan village named after a crater on Mars?

Let’s wrap the tape to 2007. As Mars was mapped, important regions were named. In 2007, it was suggested to the International Astronomical Union that the crater lake on Mars should be called “Jezero”.

Because the 45-kilometer crater was also fed by a river in the past … Just like the Veliko Plivsko Lake that feeds the village of Jezero …

The name was adopted and the crater was recorded as “Jezero”.

The fate of the 1100-digit village actually changed in 2018. American Space and Aviation Administration (NASA), What happened when he announced that the Mars 2020 mission would land at Jezero Crater on the Red Planet.

The village population, which was 500, increased to 1100. Those who fled from the village to the big cities returned.

The village was now a source of pride for the Balkans … In September 2019, this small Balkan village from CNN to Al Jazeera was making headlines for the world press when the US Ambassador to Bosnia personally handed over the NASA letter to the headman of Jezero.

The people of Jezero watched Azim’s landing on the crater on February 18, 2021, from the giant screen set in the village square. The villagers kept telling the world press how proud they were …

Who knows, maybe one day the name of a Turkish village is given to a region on Mars … and our villagers proudly tell the stories of their village …

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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