Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Gaming Smartphone Coming Soon

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Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Gaming Smartphone Coming Soon

Lenovo continues to work on the gaming smartphone. The company is now preparing to launch a new device called Lenovo Legion 2 Pro. The device will offer users a large screen, ultra-fast charging and powerful cooling.

The smartphone industry is growing day by day. Especially recently, gaming smartphones have managed to stay on the agenda. Devices that appeal to young people as a user group have found a solid place in the market, especially. Especially companies such as Xiaomi, ASUS and Nubia have started to launch their new products.

Now, Lenovo company is preparing to launch its new gaming smartphone. The device will be announced in China on April 8 and will be on the market under the name Lenovo Legion 2 Pro.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Gaming Smartphone Coming Soon

Lenovo announced that the new gaming smartphone will be similar in size to a tablet and will have a 6.92-inch screen. For comparison, last year’s Lenovo Legion Pro is known to have a 6.55-inch display. However, it has been reported that the refresh rate will be the same as the old series. Lenovo Legion Pro 2 will use 144 GHz as the screen refresh rate.

Lenovo plans to use the Samsung AMOLED E4 panel, which has the “highest refresh rate and lowest latency in the industry, thanks to the symmetrical frame”.

The screen resolution is said to be 2460 × 1080 pixels and it will have Qualcomm flagship processor Snapdragon 888 chipset.

It is reported that the game smartphone named Lenovo Legion Pro 2 will have 12 GB RAM and 16 GB RAM option. Also; It is known to offer a flash drive with a capacity of 12 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB. The Legion 2 Pro will run the Android 11 operating system and the front camera will be side-retractable like its predecessor.

The features of the smartphone include a double turbo fan and fast charging of 110 watts.

Lenovo Legion Pro 2 Will Have Two Cooling Fans!

Last year Lenovo introduced its first gaming smartphone, the Legion Pro. The device offered a different design and convenience to its users among mobile devices.

It featured a side retractable front camera and two USB Type-C connectors, which were especially sought after by gaming users. In this way, while charging the phone from the side during the game, you could also use the camera features more beneficially during the game.

While Lenovo company was developing the Legion Pro 2 smartphone, it paid special attention to the cooling system. The company recently released a teaser announcing that it has improved the cooling system by offering two fans instead of one. It was announced that this would be done to increase the efficiency of heat dissipation, and would offer its users two-fold improvement.

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