LG Completely Shuts Down Smartphone Business on April 5th

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LG Completely Shuts Down Smartphone Business on April 5th

South Korean technology giant LG is saying goodbye to the smartphone business completely. The company will completely close the smartphone business on April 5, 2021, and this unit will shift its employees to different departments. Official release coming soon!

South Korean technology giant LG was founded in 1958 and has since gained superior technological expertise by manufacturing many home appliances such as air conditioners, radios and TVs.

Thanks to this technological expertise, the company has pioneered the advanced digital age. However; The most important technology of the last period smart phone and engaged in an intense struggle in the mobile software market.

LG was once the third largest phone maker in the world. LG sold around 120 million feature phones in 2009 just before the smartphone market started to rise.

LG in 2010 Android Based smartphone Optimus entered the smartphone market seriously. However, this success lagged behind brands such as Apple and Samsung.

LG, 5 EngagementSmartphone Shuts Down Completely

Published by The Korea Times newsAccording to it, it was announced that LG decided to withdraw from its money-losing smartphone business altogether. LG has experienced operating losses since 2015, and although it has released some truly innovative devices, the company has not been able to reverse its mobile business. LG has sought to sell the mobile communications unit that oversees the smartphone business since 2015, when it suffered business losses. The company reportedly had negotiations with various buyers, including Vingroup in Vietnam, but failed to reach agreement with any of them.

In January, a LG spokesperson said the company is not closing its mobile business. In fact, it was said that LG is working on new devices for this year, or even a few months ago, it would come back to the market with a foldable smartphone. The company was preparing to launch a redesigned line of smartphones such as the LG Wing and LG Rollable. The company announced that it could return to negative periods thanks to these two series and made LG fans hope.

In a statement made, it was reported that the number of employees in the smartphone development business of LG company is around 4000 and that these people will be directed to different departments after the closure of this department.

In addition, it is said that LG has set the date of closing the smartphone business completely as April 5, 2021 and will make an official statement on Twitter on this date.

If LG is indeed stopping its mobile business, it means that everything it plans for 2021 will be canceled. It is said that LG’s exit from the market will be disappointing for many users. LG also helped create legendary phones like the Nexus 5 and Pixel 2 XL.

Dear Readers, What do you think about LG’s exit from the market and closing its smartphone business completely. Let us know in the comments!

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