Malatya entrepreneur developed a device that destroys viruses with an ultraviolet lamp containing krypton gas.

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Malatyalı girişimci virüsleri kripton gazı içerikli ultraviyole lambayla yok eden cihaz geliştirdi

The entrepreneur, operating in İnönü University Malatya Technopark, developed a device that destroys pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air and on the surface with a FAR 222 Ultraviolet-C lamp containing krypton gas in seconds.

Inonu University Malatya Entrepreneur operating in the Technopark, viruses, bacteria in the air and on the surface, mushroom developed a device that destroys pathogens such as Krypton gas with FAR 222 Ultraviolet-C lamp in seconds.

Kemal, who works on reconnaissance and observation robots in the defense industry in Malatya Montenegro2.5 years ago, in order to destroy harmful bacteria in the air and on the surface, it turned to the production of Ultraviolet-C lamps operating at a wavelength of 222 nanometers harmless to human health.

Developing the lamp using krypton gas, Montenegro succeeded in destroying pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi in seconds.

Montenegro, which received the patent of the device as “Carbomer FAR 222 nm”, told the AA reporter that the device, which has its counterparts in Japan and the USA, can be used to destroy many pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, including new types of coronavirus.

“Produces in the USA, Japan and Turkey in the world”

Stating that Ultraviolet-C lamps operating at 222 nm wavelength are used for disinfection purposes in different areas, Karadağ said, “It has been proved by various scientific publications that such lamps destroy Kovid-19 in 20-25 seconds in public transportation. This technology is only produced by the USA, Japan and Turkey in the world. The device we have developed is preferred because it is krypton gas-based and harmless to the environment and human health. ” said.

Started to be used in Mecca and Medina

Stating that they sent the prototype of the device they developed to Saudi Arabia and they started to be used in hotel rooms and lobbies in Mecca and Medina, Montenegro stated that they are continuing their negotiations with the relevant ministries in Saudi Arabia.

Stating that they aim to start mass production of the device, Montenegro said:

“It is a high value-added device. The USA produced one of this lamp with electronic circuit and software for 1500 dollars, Japan for 2500 dollars, we only produced the lamp for 250 dollars excluding its hardware. The sales price is the lowest 1000 dollars. Since the device is high technology, the software is very much. The software shows how much and how to use it in open areas. We developed the software and hardware completely in Malatya. “

Saying that the device is used in the Polytechnic University in Israel and the University of Milan in Italy, Montenegro stated that they also sent the device to Washington University. Montenegro reported that its products will be used in the Paris and London subways.

He stated that negotiations with various companies from 30 countries including Montenegro, America, Germany, Italy, Israel, Canada, Belgium, Dubai, Qatar and Russia are ongoing.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Volkan Kaşik

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