Manages $ 8 Billion Mars Operation From One-Bedroom House

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Manages $ 8 Billion Mars Operation From One-Bedroom House

NewsBefore entering, let’s draw a table for you …

Think. Humanity has a full $ 3.8 billion (ie 28.2 billion TL) Mars running the operation.

Decisions were taken years ago, a rover, named Perseverance, that is, Azim, will land on the Red Planet on February 18, 2021 …

Its name is Azim … For humankind to show its determination … Equipped with the most advanced technical devices to date, Azim is the biggest operation before the first manned flight from Earth to Mars …

So who is in charge of the operation? 55-year-old Sanjeev Gupta …

Gupta is the head of the team that manages Perseverance from Earth, which will take tours on Mars and seek life.

So far everything is normal…

But the post here is a little tragi-funny!

Because the American Space and Aviation Department that sent Azim to Mars is in NASA California, the vehicle he sent is on Mars, the man who directed him is the capital of England. London‘gives.

“Are distances an issue in the age of space and the Internet?” You might ask … That’s not the problem … Gupta manages the device on Mars from a one-room house in London that a hairdresser holds over it!


The reason? Because he can afford it!

Truly like an anecdote … Sir, here’s the thing: Gupta is the head of Azim’s joystick on Earth. Normally he should be in California.

However, since he could not fly from England to America due to the pandemic and because Azim’s program works perfectly well, he needs a home where he should work comfortably.

Gupta rented this one-room house.

Because Azim had to be watched over for 24 hours and didn’t want to disturb his family, Gupta was asked to establish a “base” … He found this house within his budget!

Let’s listen to the rest from the British scientist of Indian origin:

“I should have been working in the same room with hundreds of scientists right now. But it didn’t happen. I now have 5 control computers at home and 2 computers where I can have continuous Zoom conversations with NASA.”

Note to fame: A signal from Earth to Mars goes back and forth in 11 minutes.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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