Mankind Produced Oxygen on Mars – News

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Mankind Produced Oxygen on Mars - News

The American Space and Aviation Administration (NASA) continues to make history.

American Space and Aviation Circle (NASA) continues to write history.

Red Planet, Perseverance (Azim), the most technologically advanced traveler ever MarsAfter flying the Mars helicopter Ingenuity (Maharet), NASA also succeeded in producing oxygen on Mars.

In other words, mankind “After flying the air device on another planet other than Earth, it was able to produce oxygen on another planet again.”

The name of the device that carried out this historical event is MOXIE, the Mars Oxygen In-situ Resource Utilization Experiment … It is located on the body of Perseverance.

In the experiment conducted on April 20 and announced on April 21, the MOXIE produced 5 grams of oxygen that would allow an astronaut to live healthy for 10 minutes.


The MOXIE, which converts carbon dioxide in the thin atmosphere of Mars into oxygen, will continue its experiments.

The next goal is to reach 10 grams of oxygen … The MOXIE will increase experimentation and produce more oxygen during its stay on Mars.

The MOXIE’s first experiment is seen as a major step forward for human beings to settle on Mars.

However, the ultimate goal of the MOXIE and larger devices to be sent to Mars is to be able to produce oxygen to be used to fire rockets that will return from Mars to Earth.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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