Medical Device Design and Production Application and Research Center was established in KTU

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Founded in the second technical university in Turkey Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) and the application will make national R & D in order to support domestic production and are continuing to work to increase the number of research centers.

Founded second technical in Turkey university the one Black Sea Technical University (KTU) National and efforts are continuing to increase the number of application and research centers that will conduct R&D in order to support domestic production.

First of all, the Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Technology Application and Research Center (ILAFAR) was established within KTÜ to develop drug active substance and drug formulations with preclinical research in 2018 in line with the national drug production targets of the country.

The center, which is the first and only one in the Eastern Black Sea Region and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, conducts various studies on veterinary and agricultural drugs, although human medicines are predominant.

The second center of the university, which will carry out R&D studies, will serve in the medical field.

The regulation of the Medical Device Design and Production Application and Research Center, which is located on one floor of the KTU Scientific Research Center building on Kanuni Campus, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 29 March 2021.

“We are planning to produce high value added products”

Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah Çuvalcı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that KTÜ, which was established in 1955, is the fourth university in the country and the second university in the technical field.

Stating that KTÜ should be more prominent in technical matters, Çuvalcı stated that the university also includes the medical faculty and hospital that serve the region.

Stating that he attaches great importance to the production attack based on the national and domestic concept of the country, Çuvalcı emphasized that in this sense, it is necessary to spread the great excitement coming to the defense and aviation sectors to all areas.

Stating that they took action to increase cooperation in academic infrastructure in engineering and medical faculties, which are among the competent areas of KTÜ, Çuvalcı underlined that after ILAFAR, they chose to focus on medical devices, one of the priority development areas of the country.

Pointing out that high value-added products can be produced in the field of medical devices, Çuvalcı said, “There is a large foreign exchange output for this field from our country. We will carry out the studies on the products we import from abroad at very high prices in the Medical Device Design and Production Application and Research Center. We will carry out the prototype production in this center. ” said.

Stating that a team of 5 engineers in the center started to work, Çuvalcı said, “Some devices have been purchased, we will also buy new devices. In the future, we will sit down with business investors and make a license agreement after obtaining and developing the know-how for production. We are planning to produce high value-added products. We have academic infrastructure. We also buy new employees. We have a plastic printer for the center, we also buy a metal printer for 3 million liras. ” used the expressions.

Stating that medical devices are widely used, Çuvalcı made the following assessment:

“We will be able to make some products used in dentistry here. For example, some implants mounted on the jawbone can be made here. We have a very wide range of products. An investment of 5 million TL was envisaged for the center in the first place. In the future, when the product R&D is finished, this place will actually turn itself around. Currently, R&D studies have started on some products such as video laryngoscopes, heart-lung machines. R&D work is not something that will happen in a short time, the infrastructure, human resources and space are important. In this sense, we have such a will. “

Emphasizing that universities are places where not only science is made, where students are trained, but also useful works are produced for society, Çuvalcı pointed out that the Ministry of Industry and Technology also has very good incentives.

Referring to İLAFAR within KTÜ, Çuvalcı said, “Now the Medical Device Design and Production Application and Research Center has started. We are planning to establish a production center on magnetic materials in the near future, our studies on this are continuing.” he spoke.

Underlining that they always support the work that is the output of the academicians, Çuvalcı said:

“İLAFAR is currently asking for a device of 1.5 million TL. We will give it, why? Because it has an output. There, our 7-8 academicians are working with excitement and effort to develop useful products for the country. Support to the employee is from us, but he will produce products, he will say to us, ‘I have this plane I will do this part, ‘Then I support it. I hope we will do good work. KTU technical university, our 60-year cult, we have very valuable teachers. I believe we will do good work. “

Source: Anadolu Agency / Tuğba Yardim

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