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Mottle in God's Eye - News

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

Hello, dear science fiction lovers. In this article space opera one of the finest examples of its kind, Larry Niven (Ring World) and Jerry Pournelle’s Moment in the Eyes of God for you.

First, let’s take a brief look at the subject of our book:

“-That’s a ridiculous idea.”

“-Yes sir.”

“-Ridiculous ideas are for emergencies. If there’s nothing else to try, you use them. If they work, they become part of the rules. Otherwise you have to follow the rules, which are mostly silly ideas that have worked.”

Six hundred light-years from Earth, viewed from our planet Milky WayA nebula hovers in the southern part of the Earth that lives up to its name: the Coalsack Nebula, or the Man in the Hooded Man. and in this man’s emptiness in the midst of darkness shines a sun too bright to belong to anyone else: the Eye of God. It is always there, watching the infinite universe for billions of years.

When an object approaching humans from the Eye was detected in the year 3017, humanity left Earth and spread to many other planets, surviving a series of wars of destruction and establishing a second galactic empire. But the empire was dealing with rebels and the troubles of spreading to new planets.

Fortunately, they had technology products such as the Alderson Drive, which allowed them to rapidly exceed light-years, and the Langston Shield, which could protect ships even while in the heart of a star. However, they had not yet encountered another conscious being. Crazy Edi caught humanity just in this state.


Zerre in God’s Eye (I will call it TGZ from now on) was a novel that made me very happy to read it. Apart from the fact that the genre of the novel is space opera and it deals with the subject of first contact with aliens, you can easily understand from the detail level of the novel that nothing is easy for the authors.

Normally, I do not seek absolute consistency in the novels I read or the movies I watch in the space opera genre as a requirement of the genre. However, TGZ surprised me in this regard as well, making it a groundbreaking novel with the history of the universe it is in, the characteristics of the alien species (particles), its social relations and interactions with people, and the pace of it never drops for a moment.

I can also say that they did not fall into the stereotype of the alien race that is far superior to humanity, which we see in many movies and novels. In addition, the fact that the tempo is provided not only by the conflicts but also by the well-used surprises that appear at every moment stands out as a clear proof of the mastery of the writers.

If you are looking for a grounded space opera novel; I strongly recommend giving TGZ a try with its length of nearly 700 pages.

Stay well.

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