Mysterious malware detected targeting Apple computers

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Mysterious malware detected targeting Apple computers

It turned out that around 30 thousand Mac computers manufactured by Apple were infected with a mysterious malware.

Silver Sparrow (Silver The software named Sparrow) has been detected on computers in more than 150 countries.

The purpose of the software, which was realized as a result of the research of experts from the security company Red Canary, has not been resolved yet.

Apple has announced that it is taking action to limit the potential harmful effects of software affecting computers with the new M1 chip.

Although the precautions prevent this software from infecting new computers, it is not known how the computers that are already infected can be affected.

Red Canary researchers explained that the software in question does not exhibit similar behavior with other malware that infects the MacOS operating system.

It is understood that the software communicates with a command center every hour on the infected computers and is waiting for orders from this command center.

Silver Sparrow also has the ability to hide itself completely and destroy when necessary.

“Although Silver Sparrow has not yet taken a damaging transaction, its global spread, speed of transmission and operational maturity indicate that it is a significant threat that can take action at any time,” the researchers say.

Lisa Forte of Red Goat Cybersecurity says Mac computers should act as an alarm for consumers who think they are less affected by this type of software compared to Windows computers:

“There is no device that viruses cannot affect.”


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