NASA chief: ‘We are not alone in the universe’

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NASA chief: 'We are not alone in the universe'

Beginning with the Pentagon’s UFO report, the US Department of Defense continued with the comments of former US President Donald Trump about the Pentagon’s images of unexplained flying objects, and was on the agenda with the confusing comments of former US President Barack Obama, “Are we alone in the universe?

US Department of Defense Pentagon“Are we alone in the universe?” question available NASA It gained a new dimension with the statements of the President.

Bill, President of the American Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Nelsonmade a statement about aliens. Nelson said that we are not alone in the universe and that they will communicate with Earth and aliens.

Nelson came up with statements about UFOs and Extraterrestrial life. Nelson, 78, a former astronaut, said in an interview: “If you’re asking if you have a very large 13.5 billion-year-old universe, is there another chance for another Sun and another planet with an atmosphere like ours, I would say yes. “I think we’re going to get some indications of intelligent life from space,” he said.


“We’re looking for life on Mars, on other planets, and in the cosmos. We’re trying to identify other suns with planets with a habitable atmosphere. NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is currently looking for fossilized evidence of life on the Red Planet and as one of the mission’s objectives,” Nelson said.

Nelson said in another statement, “Are we alone? Personally, I don’t think we are.”

Stating that the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has read a secret version of the UFO report published in the past weeks, NASA President stated that he feels that you are not alone in the universe.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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