Nasa Expert: “We Will Use The Moon As A Gas Station”

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Nasa Expert: "We Will Use The Moon As A Gas Station"

American Space and Aviation Circle NASAWill make a “human landing” on the Moon in 2024 as part of the Artemis program.

The program is of great importance as the first woman will step onto the Moon.

However, the program will actually have another secret mission. It is also told by NASA expert Jacob Bleacher.

It was previously said that “the Moon will be used as a jumping board for a journey to Mars”.

Bleacher took the claim one step further. According to him, the Moon is a pre-Mars journey gasoline to be used as station.

Yes, it was said before that bases would be established on the Moon and humanity would also be deployed on the Moon. However, according to him, the Moon will only be a gas station where Mars passengers will stop and shop for gas or grocery stores.

See what Bleacher says.


“When you set off with your vehicle, you store all the necessary fuel on your car and do not carry it there. You stop by a gas station and fill the tank.”

“The moon will also take on this task. Settlement on the moon will not be complete. People who will ‘take charge’ there will come and be temporary.”

“The Earthlings’ main resort in space will not be the Moon, but the newly built The Gateaway that will orbit the Moon.”

“Earthlings will spend time at The Gateaway and land on the Moon when needed.”

Mankind pushing the boundaries … According to Bleacher, he will use the Moon as a gas station for settlements in the Solar System … Even his thought is breathtaking.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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