New Pandemic Warning from UN: Drought

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New Pandemic Warning from UN: Drought

The United Nations sounded like a black news crier.

United Nations land news it seemed like a howler.

The UN, which has prepared a truly depressing report, is warning the world. Are you ready for the new pandemic?

The next pandemic warning is eerie: Drought!

Environmentalists and scientists, who have been shouting for years, may now make their voices heard with the speech of Mami Mizutori, special representative for disaster risk reduction. Speaking about the dangers of water scarcity, Mizutori gave a stern warning before the report was published: “Thirst is a candidate to become the next pandemic, but unfortunately, the vaccine to cure this pandemic will not be found.”

According to the report, between 1998 and 2017, 1.5 billion people suffered due to the problems caused by the decrease in rains, and the damage it caused to the economy amounted to 124 billion dollars.

Although it is a worldwide problem, drought is mostly effective in Africa, central regions of Asia, southern regions of Australia, Europe and America, and water shortages will continue to increase significantly.


In the past weeks CaliforniaIn Turkey, a state of emergency was declared in 41 regions due to water shortages. When the air temperature reached 43 degrees, people in California received a warning not to go out in the sun, temperatures exceeding 50 degrees were recorded in Nevada.

Ms. Mizutori said, “Yes, people somehow managed to live with drought for 5000 years, but what is happening now is different because people make the situation worse with activities that will increase drought and increase the negative impact of drought.”

The title of the report is: Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction; Special Report on Drought 2021… To read the source .

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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