No Discovered Signal of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life”

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No Discovered Signal of Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life"

Interview with Umut Şinasi Soylu… Today, we will be conducting an interview with my esteemed professor from the Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences at Istanbul University, Central Campus (Beyazit), about what we wonder about life in space.

Interview with Umut Şinasi Soylu…

Today Istanbul University, located in the Central Campus (Beyazit) Astronomy and with my esteemed professor from the Department of Space Sciences, we will conduct an interview about what we wonder about life in space.

First of all, can you talk about yourself?

Süleyman Fişek: Hello, I am Süleyman Fişek, Research Assistant at Istanbul University, Faculty of Science, Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences. I am also continuing my doctoral education in this department. I am doing my PhD on the working principles and performance of telescopes and equipment in the focal plane of telescopes. Along with my PhD and other research, I continue to support popular science activities.

As an astronomer, which question do you encounter most in popular science events?

Yes, one of the most common and striking questions is “Is there life in the universe?” Our participants and guests, who often ask such questions, naturally imagine an intelligent life form like us, as the life they imagine in their minds. While scientists are investigating life in space, we can say that they basically divide this research into two; one is the search for a micro-scale life and the other is smart life, in fact, this is the subject of more interest and question.

Is there intelligent extraterrestrial life, what does research show us?

When we say intelligent life, we immediately think of flying saucers, aliens, alien invasion, their coming to our world, or their being hidden from everyone and only visible to some people. However, these are the things that come into our lives with science-fiction at some point. However, when scientists observe exoplanets that may harbor potential intelligent life, they get a very weak signal, and when they turn their telescopes to these exoplanets as imagined, they do not see buildings, houses, trees, rivers, streams; Chemical and physical analyzes are made using the signal they have obtained. While making these analyzes, if the existence of intelligent life is being investigated, the following should be considered; I wonder if technology is being produced here?

Süleyman Fişek spoke to Umut Şinasi Soylu.


Because being smart means they produce technology. Just as we are able to broadcast a signal outside the world, that is, our technology, with our television broadcasts, the signals used by airplanes or the satellites we use, we expect to receive a similar signal from them if there is an intelligent creature. That’s why research usually continues on the capture of these signals. To date, there has been no discovered signal of extraterrestrial intelligent life yet. Although signals that are closely related to the whole world public opinion are caught from time to time, these signals are not a proof as they are not repeated and cannot be finalized.

What can we say about flying objects that make us think that other intelligent beings are visiting Earth?

Yes, people call an unidentified object in the sky, a beam of light, a UFO. Actually, this is technically correct because the term UFO is an abbreviation and stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. Therefore, when you see an object in the sky, if you cannot identify it, it is correct to call it a UFO, but it does not mean a flying saucer. At this point, it is necessary to share the following information, interstellar distances are too far to visit, no matter how advanced the technology; We are talking about distances that will take thousands, millions, billions of years even at the speed of light.

Let’s finish by getting your final thoughts on the universe and the search for intelligent life.

The concept of the universe is a very big concept, there are more than 200 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, where our Sun is located, and the universe is full of galaxies, when we look at it from this perspective, it is very likely that there is intelligent life in the universe, but we have not discovered it yet. At this point, considering the distances, it is obvious that it is not possible to come and go, even texting at the speed of light can take thousands of years. We don’t expect, and we should, expect an alien to be hiding in a military base, autopsy being done, or the fact that flying saucers can be seen and hidden in the sky. Everything can be realized and accepted only when it is supported by scientific evidence. At this point, as I said, we think that there is a high probability of intelligent life in the universe, but we say that we do not have any proof yet.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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