Nokia Prepares to Sue Oppo Over Patents

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Nokia Prepares to Sue Oppo Over Patents

Nokia had previously clashed with Oppo over patents. Oppo regularly paid patent compensation to HMD Global, the owner of Nokia. After Oppo decided to stop this payment, Nokia announced that it would go to court again.

Nokia has long been different patent He is in a lawsuit with several technology companies due to his agreements. Finland-based technology company Nokia has more problems with patents than China-based companies. Nokia had previously sued Lenovo and Daimler (owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand) for patent infringement and was entitled to a large amount of compensation from this lawsuit.

In addition, these companies signed license agreements for the right to use technologies that were previously Nokia’s intellectual property. However, the litigation processes were not limited to these two companies.

Until recently, everything was fine in the relationship between Oppo and Nokia, and the Chinese company had agreed to regularly pay compensation for the use of the Finnish giant’s patents.

Later, however, Oppo announced that it did not agree to renew the license agreement signed in 2018 and allow the use of a number of patents. It is not exactly known why the Chinese company has cut its payment since 2018.

Nokia Prepares to Sue Oppo Over Patents

It is said that he decided to enter the litigation phase in order to seek his rights in Nokia, which is owned by HDM Global, to ask Oppo why he violated his rights and how to respond to this situation. Because the Oppo company still continues to use the patented products it bought from Nokia.

The company has taken legal action against the Chinese company in four countries, namely Germany, France, the UK and India. The Finnish company said it was in talks with Oppo to renew its license agreements, but sadly it turned down “fair and reasonable offers” from Oppo. As the Chinese refused to settle the dispute amicably, it was announced that Nokia decided to take the case to court.

Nokia Will Launch Its New Flagship Smartphone On November 11th!

HMD Global, which produces smartphones under the Nokia brand, is said to have a very complex relationship with flagship products.

It turned out that the devices named Nokia 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3, which were said to be released as a continuation of the series after the launch of the Nokia 9 PureView, did not actually exist. While normal companies release flagship devices, they offer such devices to their customers in a series. However, the Nokia company does not seem to have reached this culture.

However, in a few months everything will change. The HMD product manager in China said the launch of the new flagship will take place on November 11.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the upcoming product. HMD Global’s product manager in China, Zhang Yucheng, reported that the company is preparing a flagship smartphone.

Considering the new naming system for Nokia smartphones, it has been reported that the name Nokia 9.3 will definitely not be used and the company will launch the new series with a different name.

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