Obama’s Ufo Commentary: “We Don’t Know What Flying Things Are”

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Obama's Ufo Commentary: "We Don't Know What Flying Things Are"

Former US President Barack Obama did not reply “No, they are not” to the question about aliens in the second live broadcast he attended.

Former US President Barack ObamaIn the second live broadcast he attended, he did not reply “No, they do not” to the question about aliens.

Obama, who participated in Stephen Colbert’s program for the promotion of the book he wrote recently, tried to ignore the question about aliens by saying “I can’t say”.

The same Obama attended The Late Late Show With James Corden this past weekend. The colorful name of the program, Reggie Watts, asked Obama about the aliens.

In that part of the conversation that started with jokes and laughter, Obama got serious and asked the US Department of Defense. Pentagon“some unidentified images” published a while ago.

You can click on the video in the headline and listen to Obama’s views.


Here is what Obama said in the 47th second to 2 minutes and 4 seconds of the video:

“I can’t tell you anything about aliens on the live stream.”

“The truth is… when I came on duty I was like, ‘Is it a laboratory where we keep aliens and their spacecraft somewhere?’ I asked.”

“They did some research and their answer was” No. ” (Laughter)

“The truth is, there are images and records of things happening in the sky.”

“And we don’t know exactly what these are.”

“They have mobility that cannot be explained very easily.”

“People are seriously investigating what these are.”

“But there is no report I can give you about this today.”

Obama’s words left the White House to Joe Biden earlier this year Donald Trump‘s interview with NBC Television.


In that interview, the reporter had asked about the Roswell incident, saying, “What I am most curious about is this.”

Trump passed by saying he knew “interesting things”.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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