OnePlus Develops Plug-and-Play Web Camera for Smart TVs

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OnePlus Develops Plug-and-Play Web Camera for Smart TVs

OnePlus has developed a new accessory for customers working from home during the coronavirus era. Plug-and-Play Web Camera, which is placed in addition to smart TVs, will be on the market in May!

OnePlus continues to improve itself in the field of technology and offer more product types to its users. The company entered the Smart TV market in 2019 and started offering first-class products to its users.

Since then, the company has offered two more affordable Smart TV options to its users. Earlier this year, the company stepped into the fitness group category and then introduced a smartwatch that was launched last week. Chinese smartphone and technology maker OnePlus is now planning to bring a new accessory for its Smart TVs. It has been announced that this new accessory is the Plug and Play Webcam developed for OnePlus Smart TVs.

This new accessory will soon be in the Indian market and it is said that it will find a place in the entire global market after the market research there.

OnePlus Could Launch Plug & Play Webcam For Their Smart TV Soon!

According to the report accelerated by MySmartPrice, OnePlus claims that the company will soon launch a Plug and Play Webcam for its Smart TVs. In the published report, some technical specifications for the upcoming accessories are coming to light. The webcam will reportedly have a USB Type-C port for connectivity and will also have an integrated microphone to capture audio. It looks like this new accessory will arrive with future OnePlus televisions.

It has been reported that the webcam will not be compatible with the company’s 32-inch Smart TVs, for some reason. For other models, Plug and Play Web Camera will be active.

One thing we still don’t know is the camera resolution. Unfortunately, the report doesn’t mention the camera resolution of the webcam. However, the new accessory is reported to have a resolution compatible with the competitive market.

Plug and Play Web Camera: Available Next Month!

The new product of OnePlus company has completed the production process and May He reported that he will find a place in the market within the month. It is said that the company will introduce different products other than the Web Camera designed for Smart TVs. The company is among the incoming information that it will bring the next generation camera technology to its future Smart TVs internally.

As of now, this is the information we received on our side about the upcoming OnePlus Plug-and-Play Webcam. As soon as we learn something new about the upcoming OnePlus product, we will continue to share it with our valued readers. What is your guess about the pricing of the OnePlus Webcam, expected to be released in May? Let us know in the comments below.

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