Out of Control Chinese Rocket May Crash to Turkey

Out of Control Chinese Rocket May Crash to Turkey

Launched from china rocket where will it fall? While the USA said “We are following the rocket”, the Chinese administration preferred to remain silent. The rocket is expected to fall to Earth over the weekend.

China launched the Long March 5B type rocket carrying the core module of its station in space, but the rocket got out of control after a while.

The rocket, which started to fly over the Earth, is expected to enter the atmosphere and fall to a point on Earth this weekend, most likely on May 8.


The rocket, which is announced to fall in a region between 41st north and 41st south latitudes, TurkeyIt may also fall to. Among these latitudes are cities such as New York, Sydney, Beijing and Madrid, as well as Istanbul and Ankara.

While the world is holding its breath, waiting for the rocket; China remains silent on the subject. In the Chinese local media, a newsWhile no place was given, no statement was received from official institutions.

The US Space Command declared, “We are following the rocket. But it is impossible to tell exactly where it will land until it enters the atmosphere.”

While some say, “There will not be many parts to fall to the Earth because it will burn in the atmosphere,” another section says, “It will fall not on the land, but on the ocean. There is dense water between those latitudes.”

Lastly, in May 2020, a missile fired by China came out of orbit and burned in the atmosphere, and the remaining parts “rained” on the African country’s Ivory Coast.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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