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Alleged theft of 1.3 million Clubhouse users’ personal data

It was alleged that an SQL database containing the personal data of 1.3 million users of the social m

Hardware and software support from TEI to Gebze Technical University in the field of high performance computing

TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii AŞ (TEI) provided hardware and software support to Gebze Technical University (

Dune Script – 1: The Mind (s) Behind the Legend

Hello dear science fiction lovers. Hello dear science fiction lovers. Hilmi Volkan Güven. It makes m

“Clean Future – Clean Energy” Painting Contest for Children

Turkey’s first competition will be held at the national level, including the first Nuclear Powe

Climate change: electric trucks can ‘compete with diesels’

A new study by scientists challenges established beliefs that electric trucks cannot compete with hea

Historical breakthrough from the National Space Program! The first ignition of the vehicle to be sent to the moon succeeded

In the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the first ignition of the national and original hybrid rock

The Asteroid That Destroys the Dinosaurs Created the Amazon!

The asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs gave life to the Amazon rainforest. The asteroid that destr

Coding training for high school students in Kahramanmaraş

High school students are trained within the scope of the “Coding School” project in Oniki

How to free up space on your iPhone? News

If you need to clean that huge digital storage to make room for all the new things you want to move,

Gaming Phone Lenovo Legion 2 Pro Survives Endurance Test

Lenovo has launched the new gaming smartphone Legion 2 Pro. The device offers its users a large scree