Perseverance rover makes its first drive on Mars

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Perseverance keşif aracı Mars

USA Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) scout Perseverance, Mars made its first ride on the surface.

Two weeks after the NASA rover Perseverance landed on Mars, it drove about 6.5 meters on Thursday, March 4.

Anais Zarifian, one of Perseverance’s engineers, expressed her happiness with the movement of the rover and said, “You can see the wheel tracks we left on Mars. I wouldn’t think I would be so happy to see the wheel tracks. said.

Perseverance, after launching from Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida on June 30, 2020, managed to land on the surface of Mars on February 20 after a journey of approximately 7 months and 470 million kilometers.

The most advanced vehicle sent to Mars

Built in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and powered by plutonium fuel, Perseverance is known for having the most advanced technological features among the vehicles sent to Mars.

The space agency announced that $ 2.4 billion was spent on infrastructure work for the realization of the new mission on the Red Planet, and $ 300 million was spent on the system that enabled the vehicle to land and operate.

Perseverance, which has a chemical analyzer, 20 cameras, rock drill to collect samples, a robotic “hand” and a tiny helicopter, is planned to stay on Mars for 2 years for exploration activity.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Şeyma Uzundere

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