Perseverance Sends His First Selfie From Mars

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Perseverance Sends His First Selfie From Mars

The Perseverance (Azim) rover made its first test drive on Mars in 33 minutes.

The Perseverance reconnaissance vehicle, sent by NASA to search for the traces of life on Mars, successfully carried out its first test drive on the Red Planet, traveling 6.5 meters in 33 minutes.

He announced that Perseverance, which was sent by NASA to look for traces of life on Mars, traveled approximately 6.5 meters for 33 minutes in the first test drive.

Perseverance sailed a distance of 4 meters.

It then moved 2.5 meters further after a 150-degree turn.

At the same time, the expedition named Perseverance left tire tracks. The first test drive was shared on NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover’s official Twitter account. The first selfie and other photos of rover have been published on Twitter.


In the post, “I made my first test drive on Mars. You are looking at the beginning of my wheel tracks. There is more to do” expressions were included.

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