Projects from Abroad to Turkey’s Largest Telescope

Projects from Abroad to Turkey's Largest Telescope

Turkish Space Agency (TUA) Head of Space Sciences Department Prof. Dr. İbrahim Küçük stated that there were many project proposals from abroad for the Eastern Anatolian Observatory, which will be Turkey’s largest telescope when it is completed.

Turkey Space Agency (TUA) Space Sciences Department Head Prof. Dr. When completed, İbrahim Küçük will be Turkey’s largest telescope Eastern Anatolia He stated that many project proposals for the observatory were received from abroad.

Küçük, in his presentation titled “Studies in space in Turkey” at the “4th Lagari Aviation and Defense Days” organized online by the Space Aviation and Defense Industry Community of Bursa Technical University (BTÜ), he astronomyHe said that they are working in the fields of extragalactic astronomy and high energy astrophysics and want to study every region of this spectrum.

Talking about the observatories established in Turkey to observe these, Küçük said:


“These observatories have their own characteristics. We define observations in different wavelengths or different spectrums. The Eastern Anatolian Observatory is in Erzurum. We will have a 4-meter infrared telescope to be completed right now. We aim to receive the first light next year. A big investment. Antalya in the middle. Telescopes of the TÜBİTAK National Observatory in Bakırlıtepe, Turkey. We make observations at optical wavelengths. The other is the radio telescope at the Astronomy and Space Sciences Observatory Application and Research Center of Erciyes University. . “

“Our competence will increase in the further stages in the radio region, but if you look at the competence of the TÜBİTAK National Observatory, Turkey has been an expert in this field for almost 30-40 years. We will make observations in the Kızılöte region with our own telescopes as of next year.”

Küçük stated that when looking at the panorama of Turkey, there are telescope networks that cover almost the entire geography.

Reminding that the satellite process in Turkey’s space travel started in the 1994s, Küçük continued as follows:

“There is still an ongoing process. The important thing is to gain experience here. It is to make our own satellite by taking this experience even further. We have this competence now. Of course, this is a separate field and countries that were aware of this field long ago are also now. Even countries such as America, Russia, China and even India, whose economy will not be compared with Turkey, have taken quite important steps in this regard. They have established launch bases, so they have competence there. “


Reminding that the latest TÜRKSAT 5A satellite was launched, Küçük said that the development of the TURKSAT 6A satellite is continuing to be domestic and national, and that it is aimed to be sent to space in 2022.

The DAG Telescope will open in 2024.

Stating that 10 goals were determined within the scope of the National Space Program, which was prepared by TUA and announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on February 9, Küçük explained that the works continue in this scope.

Answering the questions of the participants after the presentation, Küçük said, after asking the details about the Eastern Anatolia Observatory:

“It will be the largest telescope in Turkey. Therefore, we will have suddenly jumped on this subject. Right now, the buildings are finished, the telescope itself is waiting to climb to 3 thousand 400 meters below in Erzurum due to the weather conditions and the pandemic. time will start to operate, but even now projects are raining from abroad. “

“From all over the world,” We want to do these projects when they are put into operation. “

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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