Researchers at KTU completed 80 percent of “super magnet” production

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Within the scope of the studies carried out in the Magnetic Materials Research Group of Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), 80% of the production of the NdFeB magnet, which is obtained from the components of Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Boron (B), which is called super strong electromagnetic magnet in the sector, has been completed.

Within the scope of the studies carried out in the Magnetic Materials Research Group of Karadeniz Technical University (KTU), Neodymium (Nd), Iron (Fe) and Bor 80 percent of the production of the NdFeB magnet from the (B) components has been completed.

KTU engineering faculty Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department. Dr. Sultan Öztürk told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have been working on magnetic materials for about 15 years.

Öztürk, who is also responsible for the Magnetic Materials Research Group, stated that they continue their studies with undergraduate, master and doctoral theses from the university and with research support from TUBITAK and the National Boron Research Institute.

Expressing that they have achieved remarkable and promising results thanks to years of experience, developing technology and infrastructure investments, Öztürk stated that a team of 7 people continues to work uninterruptedly to conclude the research.

Pointing out that they are working on three groups of materials, Öztürk said, “We have been working on neodymium, iron and boron-based magnets, which are called super magnets in the market, for many years. The second group is the material we produce, which is strontium hexaferrite-based ceramic magnets. In the third group, they are used as sensor materials. We continue to work on the Fe-B-based strip used.” said.

Emphasizing that the super magnet is a very strong type of magnet, and that’s where its name comes from, Öztürk said, “These magnets have a history dating back to 1984, and it has been a magnet that has been continuously developed since its discovery. It is a magnet with iron, neodymium and boron elements. TurkeyAs far as I know, there is no production in Turkey, we use it by importing. One of the reasons why this does not happen is that the raw material is not available in Turkey. We have an annual import of around 30 million dollars in this regard,” he said.

Noting that the automotive industry is one of the main areas of use for super-strong magnets, Öztürk said, “These are very strong magnets. They are especially used in motors, especially in electric car motors, which are currently on the agenda. They are used in generators and applications that require large torque. That’s why they are important magnets.” used the phrase.

“We’re past the hard part”

Explaining that they produce magnet powder as the first stage in production, Öztürk made the following assessment:

“The most important element in this magnet, neodymium, is highly reactive, that is, an element that is affected by air and oxidized. It is an element that deteriorates from contact with a little air, so some high-tech devices are required in the production of this magnet. The production of this magnet needs to be in a specially adjusted area, which we call a controlled atmosphere “The method we use in production is the powder metallurgy method. The process applied here is to first produce the powder of this magnet. It is necessary to produce it without oxide and bright, we have achieved this.”

Öztürk stated that the second step is to process the obtained material in a controlled atmosphere in order to reach a certain dust size, and said:

“It needs to be reduced to 3-5 microns by grinding in a controlled heat environment; we have done that too. Then it needs to be pressed and shaped under a magnetic field. Here we are at the stage where the bonding between the powders, which we call sintering, is the last stage. This is also done in a controlled atmosphere and It is a process that requires some processes. We have passed the difficult part. We have succeeded in the production of the super magnet by approximately 80 percent. We have reached the final stage, our work continues, I have no doubt that we will succeed.”

Expressing that he believes producing super magnets will make a great contribution to Turkey, Öztürk said, “Super magnet is used in many medical devices. From MRI devices to generators and automobile engines. If Turkey produces its own automobile, its need for these magnets will increase more. Because as our production becomes richer and more diversified, Our need will increase.” used the phrase.

Emphasizing that the production parameters have been revealed, Öztürk said, “Industrialists and private sector organizations interested in this subject buy them, we cooperate and produce them. We are also very proud of this.” he said.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Tuğba Yardimci

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