Russia and China Build the “Lunar Space Station”

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Russia and China Build the "Lunar Space Station"

Russia and China announced their joint Lunar Space Station plans.

Russia and China announced their joint Lunar Space Station plans.

Roscosmos and CNSA plan to establish a research facility on the Moon or in lunar orbit.

When it comes to space, Russia has been the superpower of the last century, sending the first satellite (Sputnik 1), the first man and woman (Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova) into space, as well as having a large share in the operation of the International Space Station over the past two decades.

This year, Russia plans to land its first spacecraft on the Moon since 1976.

Luna25 will leave Earth on October 1.


China is another power that plays a very important role in space exploration, especially in recent years. Last year, Mars’ new guest successfully sent the Tianwen-1 spacecraft on mission and is still orbiting Mars, soon this newsi am excited to write too.

Let’s talk about the partnership between Russia and China, after 25 years of close cooperation. newsWhat it will mean for NASA is a matter of curiosity. Russia’s decision not to participate in the Artemis project, which deals with NASA’s goal of sending the first female astronaut to the Moon by 2024, was also reflected in the agenda.

CNSA added that its doors are open to any country that is interested in this new space station.

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