Sale of $ 4,500 electric vehicle in China doubled Tesla

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Sale of $ 4,500 electric vehicle in China doubled Tesla

Sales of the $ 4,500 affordable electric vehicle in China surpassed Tesla’s expensive vehicles.

State company SAIC from the USA General Motors The vehicle named Hong Guang Mini produced in partnership with January Tesla doubled its sales in China, with complaints about its safety.

Customers are also offered the opportunity to purchase an air-conditioned version of the vehicle by adding another $ 500.

Vehicles are marketed as “public means of transport”.

Automotive experts say that although the vehicle cannot compete with Tesla on issues such as range and performance, its low price makes it unrivaled in China.

Hong Guang Mini’s entry model travels at 100 kilometers per hour and allows four people to sit, albeit cramped.

“The Chinese government is serious about reducing air pollution and being the world leader in the transition to electric vehicles,” says Shaun Rein, Director of China Market Research Group.

“Hong Guang is often preferred in the cheap segment and Tesla in luxury vehicles.”

In order to popularize electric vehicles, the Chinese government guarantees that these vehicles are allocated free of charge.

In many cities in the country, it can take months or even years to be able to issue license plates to oil-powered vehicles.

In the second half of 2020, Hong Guang sold 112,000 units in China, becoming the second best-selling vehicle after Tesla Model 3.

Hong Guang, which became the country’s most popular vehicle with 25,778 sales in January, is estimated to be the second best-selling electric vehicle worldwide after Model 3.

Shaun Rein said that due to the coronavirus pandemic, people refrain from taking public transport and want to buy private vehicles, the poor are turning to Hong Guang, and the rich are turning to Tesla.

Hong Guang’s sales outside of China are also on the agenda.

Reflected in the press the newsA Latvian car company wants to produce the European version of the vehicle.

However, due to the environmental regulations of the EU, it is estimated that this version will be twice the selling price.


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