Samsung to Collaborate with Chinese BOE on OLED Panel!

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Samsung to Collaborate with Chinese BOE on OLED Panel!

South Koreone from newsAccording to China’s largest display manufacturer BOE firm, SamsungIt is reported that it will produce OLED panels for its smartphones. Although Samsug company is in a leading position in OLED panel production, it is reported that they are keen to work with BOE.

The display industry is developing rapidly within China, and Samsung firm reportedly had to partner with BOE. BOE’s OLED display supply is said to have a significant impact on the South Korean display industry.

Samsung to Collaborate with Chinese BOE on OLED Panel!

Samsung company has its own production of OLED panels. However, it seems to insist on getting the “flexible OLED” panels manufactured by BOE. Samsung Electronics plans to use BOE’s flexible OLEDs on some Galaxy M series models. These smartphones will become official in the second half of this year. The main feature of the flexible OLED screen; It is a display based on a flexible substrate. It uses a plastic material (polyimide) that can bend the screen instead of a tough glass substrate. Flexible OLED is classified as a high-end product. This is due to its lightness, thinness and high degree of design flexibility. These are the screens we find in curved edge smartphones and foldable smartphones.

Chinese BOE Screen Quality Improves

It is said that BOE’s OLED screens are of very high quality, but cannot make this a brand in the global market. BOE company sells most of the OLED panels it produces to Huawei. However, the BOE company is said to have some problems due to the bans existing on Huawei.

BOE had to find another way, so it turned to Samsung Electronics for a breakthrough. Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest smartphone maker and the largest customer of display manufacturers.

Supplying flexible OLEDs to Samsung Electronics will have a huge impact on the Korean display industry. BOE’s OLED will be limited to a few models in the Galaxy M lineup. These smartphones will be Samsung’s budget devices. At the same time, as Samsung Electronics accepts BOE’s products, it shows that the technology, quality and price of BOE are in line with Samsung Electronics’ standards. Therefore, it is very likely that there will be more cooperation between the two companies in the future. Also, Samsung Electronics can expand its collaboration with BOE to gain a competitive advantage in product prices.

According to reports, the Chinese BOE display manufacturer made a great offer to Samsung to order from Samsung Electronics. In this situation, Samsung will be happy to work with BOE. Because cooperating with its only competitor in OLED panel production will strengthen the dominance of Samsung company in the market.

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