Samsung’s innovative 2021 model TVs took the stage at the “Technology Seminar”

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The 2021 model TVs, which were introduced at the Technology Seminar organized by Samsung this year, draw attention with their image quality and the latest technological features.

The 2021 model TVs, which were introduced at the Technology Seminar organized by Samsung this year, draw attention with their image quality and state-of-the-art technological features.

According to the statement made by the brand, Samsung Electronics is organizing a series of events at the 2021 ‘Technology Seminar, where it introduces new technologies, features and innovations in this year’s new product lines. Your virtual seminar organized globally for 10 years Turkey pillar was held on March 31 this year.

In the seminar, detailed information was given about Samsung Neo QLED 8K, Samsung MICRO LED and Samsung’s award-winning Lifestyle product portfolio. Samsung’s 2021 product line features advanced hardware and software innovations that deliver an unprecedented viewing experience. Thanks to the new technologies used, the products promise exceptional image quality, smart features and gaming experiences, high-level usability as well as features and services that adapt to lifestyle.

Speaking in the statement, Samsung Electronics Visual Display Senior Vice President Simon Sung said, “The leap we have achieved with the 2021 Neo QLED and the image quality of the Neo QLED, the unique artificial intelligence Together with its upgrades and smart features, it reveals what the latest innovations in hardware can achieve. “We are pleased to share our latest innovations in the field of display, which we have designed according to the needs of our customers, and we hope that our customers will continue to enjoy our products.”

At the center of innovation, Quantum Mini LEDs use Samsung’s Micro Layer, Quantum Matrix technology and the latest technology Neo Quantum Processor. In this way, Neo QLEDs are able to capture the finest details even in the darkest and brightest scenes, offering sharper, clearer and truest image quality than ever before.

Unlike commercially available displays, Samsung MICRO LED provides stunning color vividness and brightness thanks to its self-emitting LED display technology and its brand new Micro AI processor that delivers stunning 4K HDR content.

In addition to many smart features, the 2021 TV Series is constantly updated to meet the changing needs and preferences of today’s consumers, while Samsung TVs offer applications to enhance the enjoyment of TV series and movies at home with many on-demand video services. Samsung’s new “PC on TV” feature enables users to access the highest level of productivity in the comfort of their living room.

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED TVs offer the ultimate gaming experience in both PC and console games. New features and improved performance with AI support, motion graphics features, lower input lag and provide a more seamless and immersive audio experience.

The brand’s award-winning Lifestyle TV portfolio has been equipped with new product offerings and series-specific extensions in The Frame, The Serif and The Sero. Launched for the first time in 2017, The Frame redefined the concept of television and since then has turned screens into breathtaking works of art, with an art archive that has sold over a million copies.

The one-year distance working and learning experience that started with the epidemic eliminated the traditional working order. Samsung’s new M7 and M5 monitors are the world’s first “fully functional” displays powered by the Tizen operating system. These monitors allow users to watch their lessons or content from anywhere, anytime.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Abdulkadir Günyol

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